Maid For Murder! - Personalized Murder Mystery Games
"Ladies and gentlemen, I strongly suggest you do not leave the mansion, as there has been a murder! I have already called the police, because one of you...... is a murderer!!
~~~ "the maid"
A unique murder mystery party where you
act it out and you solve it, but be careful, the murderer has a "gun" and could do it again! Here is your chance to really let loose, and have a blast of a time solving a murder mystery. There are no lines to memorize, just spontaneous, outrageous fun. This is a perfect ice-breaker and a great way for companies, families and strangers to perfect the art of communication. It is completely custom designed, you tell us the theme, the first names of the fun folks coming and we will put together your very own hilarious party. This is safe and fun for everyone, and even kids will get a kick out of playing "Colombo"!

Don't know what "theme" to choose? How about a:
Class reunion
Classic Agatha Christie style
Ladies tea party
Wine tasting party
Haunted house anyone?
A murder aboard a moving train
Dracula's castle theme
A medically challenged murder
make up your own, it is after all, custom made!

This party is perfect for:
office party
Wedding rehearsal dinner!
family reunion
Ice breaker and team builder
Teen agers love it!
whatever kind of party!!
It can be designed for any amount of people, but usually at least 13 is best, and up to 125 people. We are based in the Washington, DC area, but we can do it anywhere in the USA, just call for more information and rates..
Speaking of rates, did we mention it is affordable? It costs the same as a movie and popcorn, so why not do something that gets your revved up in playing sleuth!! C'mon, you know you want to!!!
Where to have it? 
Your Home, office, church, any place!
 or, my favorite place for a large group:
The Waterford at Springfield
The Waterford at Fair Oaks
this is me!
~maid Fifi
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